About Us

ANNETTE GARMENTS Distributed in Australia by Medical Accessories of Australia      

The Annette brand of apparel is recognised internationally as a sign of quality, technological innovation, and style. Family owned, Annette started as a small shapeware business with a commitment to build the best intimate apparel brand that could satisfy a woman's needs during every stage of life. We take pride in the fact that Annette has grown into a market leader, shipping products to thirty countries worldwide. For more than three decades, we have been committed to researching, developing, and producing several leading lines of both intimate apparel and medical garments. The strength of our brand is the result of the hard work, passion, and vision of our expert team members who understand the basic needs of women regardless of their culture, age, or body type. Despite our company's growth, the Annette brand still adheres to the "customer first" ethos of a family-owned company.

MEDICAL ACCESSORIES OF AUSTRALIA specialise in the supply of medical garments, compression stockings, orthopaedic bracing and supports, rehabilitation products. Medical Accessories of Australia provides an extensive product range, catering for many healthcare needs. Comprising a team of specialised personal our commitment is to quality. Our high level of quality has been tested and certiifed as meeting the standards set forth in ISO 9001 2015.


At Medical Accessories of Australia, our aim is to provide exceptional service with exceptional care.


As a leading Australian owned healthcare company, we provide the facilities, solutions and people to deliver state-of-the-art medical products, services and support to you the person that matters most.